Scan Containers For Security Vulnerabilities With Trivy

Trivy in action on Power

Customers modernizing their applications on Power with OpenShift prioritize security. Aqua Security’s open-source container security scanner is called Trivy, a very impressive tool.

Scan Containers for Security Vulnerabilities with Trivy on Power

Why Cloud Native Security is Different

When it comes to cloud-native application development, traditional security tools are no longer enough. The new paradigm of cloud-native development requires a different approach to security.

If you want to know more about securing cloud-native applications versus traditional or monolithic applications, the video below is a great resource. It covers the key elements you need to consider to secure your cloud-native applications.

Open-source and paid-for support

In case you’re interested, Trivy is available from Dockerhub as an open-source tool, and IBM and Aqua Security partners offer paid-for support options.

Application modernisation classes

I offer global virtual and in-person application modernization classes as part of my commitment to Power customers. You get to try Trivy in action during one of our hands-on labs.

More information

Please let me know if you’d like more information, a trial or demo, or perhaps participate in one of our application modernization classes.

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