Learn how to build a complete Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Building an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Paul & Donn share how CSI & Tectrade built an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with x86, Power, OpenShift, RHACM, Watson for AI Ops, Instana, Turbonomic, Fusion & Defender.


  • Donn Bullock: Responsible for positioning Tectrade and CSI.
  • Paul Chapman: Responsible for describing the delivery of the project.

Project Objective:

To deliver an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution for CSI, Tectrade, ISV’s and Customers. CSI & TecTrade use the solution internally as a Cloud Management Platform, reselling to customers and offering it as a service to ISV’s and customers. It simplifies the deployment and management of cross-platform Containers and Virtual Machines in both Public and Private Clouds.

Additionally, it provides observation and monitoring at the infrastructure and application levels and offers analysis and optimization recommendations for x86 and Power OpenShift environments, along with x86 Virtual Machines.

Watch the replay

Watch the replay

Presentation Flow

  • Paul summarises the key areas of the presentation and then introduces Donn from TecTrade.
  • Donn positions Tectrade and CSI, sharing their unique value proposition, then introduces the project.
  • Paul describes the delivery of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud project delivered in 2022.
  • Paul shares the current status in September 2023 and planned futures for delivery in early 2024.
  • Q&A

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Key Components

Virtual Machine & Logical Partition Management

x86 Virtual Machine and Power LPARs were deployed in both Public and Private Clouds. Both VMWare and PowerVM Hypervisors are used to virtualise the environment. Watson for AI Ops was installed on Power, within the CSI Private Cloud, OpenShift Hub Cluster, and used to manage all VM & LPARs.

Container Management

Individual Red Hat OpenShift Clusters were deployed on Private Cloud, x86 VMWare & Power, plus Microsoft Azure and IBM Power Virtual Server PublicClouds.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager was deployed on the CSI Private Cloud, OpenShift Hub Cluster on Power, to manage all x86 & Power Public and Private Clusters.


Instana was deployed on CSI Private Cloud x86 VM. It provides both Infrastructure and Application Observability and monitoring for the Hybrid Cloud.


Turbonomic was deployed on CSI Private Cloud x86 VM. It provides resource optimization for all VM, LPAR and OpenShift Containers.

Public Cloud

x86 Virtual Machines and OpenShift were deployed to Microsoft Azure.

Power Logical Partitions and OpenShift were deployed to IBM Power Virtual Server Public Cloud.

Private Cloud

The private Cloud consists of both x86 and Power servers, along with all system management tooling, which manages the entire Hybrid Cloud.

Next Steps

We are adding IBM Storage Fusion, IBM Storage Scale & IBM Storage Defender to the solution in 2023. We plan to go live and open this up to ISVs and Customers in early 2024.

Paul Chapman & Ishwar Fernandes plan to demonstrate and share all updates at the IBM TechXchange Conference in Barcelona 23-25 January 2024.






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