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  • Ingesting 8,000 Video Streams with 4,000 Containers and POWER9

    Project Summary A team of Power enthusiasts collaborated to create an infrastructure that could handle up to 800,000 video streams from home video security cameras. The customer wanted to scale economically using the least processor cores and server footprint. Load Generator Configuration Due to local availability, two Power8 servers were used as Load Generators. Each […]

  • Learn how to build a complete Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

    Building an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Paul & Donn share how CSI & Tectrade built an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with x86, Power, OpenShift, RHACM, Watson for AI Ops, Instana, Turbonomic, Fusion & Defender. Speakers: Donn Bullock: Responsible for positioning Tectrade and CSI. Paul Chapman: Responsible for describing the delivery of the project. Project Objective: To deliver […]