Month: October 2023

  • Learn how to build a complete Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

    Building an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Paul & Donn share how CSI & Tectrade built an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with x86, Power, OpenShift, RHACM, Watson for AI Ops, Instana, Turbonomic, Fusion & Defender. Speakers: Donn Bullock: Responsible for positioning Tectrade and CSI. Paul Chapman: Responsible for describing the delivery of the project. Project Objective: To deliver […]

  • Scan Containers For Security Vulnerabilities With Trivy

    Trivy in action on Power Customers modernizing their applications on Power with OpenShift prioritize security. Aqua Security’s open-source container security scanner is called Trivy, a very impressive tool. Why Cloud Native Security is Different When it comes to cloud-native application development, traditional security tools are no longer enough. The new paradigm of cloud-native development requires […]