Red Hat OCS is Now Available on Power – So happy!

What’s being announced?
Today (18 Dec 2020), Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage for Power.

Where do I get OpenShift Container Storage images for OpenShift on Power?
Red Hat OCS 4.6 for IBM Power is a fully supported Technology Preview and can be downloaded from the Red Hat container catalogue.

Click above to find OCS container images in Red Hat’s certified catalogue.

The containers and documentation are public and available for Red Hat customers.

Is this supported?
Customers with an existing or new subscription will receive full support from Red Hat for this Technology Preview. Customers without an existing subscription can use it as well but without support. With the preview, our mutual customers can start to deploy and test their environments with OCS for Power before GA.

Where can I get further information?

Click here to review the release notes

Chapter 4 of the release notes provide information on the Tech Preview:

How do I install OpenShift Container Storage for OpenShift on Power Systems?

The documentation on how to install Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage on Power:

I want to run an OCP and or OCS PoC. Who can help me?
Great, contact me, and I will help. We can then discuss the level of help required and connect you with aligned Solution Architects, Lab Services and/or Business Partners.

POCs can be run from a customer site or our own IBM Garage.


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