I Want To Help ISVs Modernise Applications With OpenShift

Why Power10 for ISVs?

That’s easy! Modernising ISV applications on Power 10 makes sense!

Leading ISVs have long favoured IBM Power Systems to run mission-critical workloads. These workloads are often customers’ Crown Jewels of applications and solutions, and IBM Power Systems has provided many years of exemplary service.

The maturity and stability of the Power platform, along with advanced Scale, Performance, Security, Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, and Total Cost of Ownership, have been well-known within the industry and very much appreciated by our loyal customers.

Power10 – Sustainability, Performance, Scale, Security, Reliability, and Availability.

Still, the world moves on and Power with it!

Where IBM Power leads the world in consolidating Virtual Machines with its highly secure hardware-based PowerVM virtualisation capabilities, the same is true for modern containerised solutions.

The benefits of Power Servers are the same in an OpenShift Container Platform world as they have always been for large-scale monolithic solutions.


I’m a SCUBA diver and want to protect our environment for my children and theirs. I believe in providing the best sustainability, a hot topic right now, which is not surprising given rising energy costs. Still, before that, we should all care for and look after our planet. Anything we can do to save energy and our sealife and prevent global warming has got to be good.

Superior performance, scale, and consolidation with enhanced security create building blocks for outstanding sustainability. Power provides the tools to do more with less, improving sustainability.

Power is stronger and more flexible

Not only is the Power processor stronger than other architectures, but more flexible too. The x86 architecture may provide one or two threads per core, while Power offers the choice of one, two, four or even eight threads per core.

Customer Quote

“The efficiency of Power symmetric multithreading that is exploited by OpenShift results in a 4:1 savings in the number of cores required vs. VMware on x86.”


Reduce latency by moving containers and microservices to collocate with Data-Centric workloads on Power Systems. Police forces, Health Industries and Finance Sector customers are all interested in collocation to reduce latency, improve performance and reduce costs.

Testing has shown the advantage of co-location increases exponentially from 4x to 20x with 40ms round trip latency.

Cloud is a Capability

Cloud is a capability, not a destination, and you enjoy all the benefits of Cloud with Power, where ever deployed.

I have worked with Finance and Commercial Sector customers to move from Public to Power Private and Public Clouds. Some customers are concerned with the sensitive nature of the application and data and wish to avoid that located in Public Cloud Services. Others welcome assistance from their IBM team or use the existing capacity rather than purchase additional resources.

Power works well in any Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, so the choice is yours.

Power10 delivers Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud.

Delivering multi-architecture Hybrid Cloud

I recently delivered Hybrid Cloud capabilities, including x86 and Power OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) clusters on the private cloud, plus x86 OCP in Microsoft Azure and Power OCP in IBM Cloud.

All four OCP clusters, both x86 & Power, are managed by Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager, deployed within the Power OCP. Customers may deploy or move applications and microservices between x86 and Power platforms on Public, Private, or Hybrid Clouds.

Avoid Lock-In

OpenShift allows you to move workloads where ever you like. Don’t get locked into a particular Public Cloud provider. Retain your control over your applications, data and spending. None of us knows what will happen in the future, so protect yourself now.


The world is in the midst of a digital transformation. As businesses adapt to capitalize on digital, trust will be the currency that drives this new economy. Trust is why 44 of the top 50 banks and 90% of the largest airlines run on IBM Power systems.

I often Partner with Aqua Security to protect the entire application development lifecycle.

Modernising with .Net

Last year I worked with development and Customers to deliver .Net applications on Power Systems. This is a great opportunity, and ISVs collocate .Net with Data-Centric workloads to modernise traditional applications.

Customer Quote

I used the image and did not have any trouble with it. It is stable, even on heavy workload. Thanks to you we were able to create a fully functional development environment of all our web contents in the IBM Cloud under OpenShift.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the image. It was the last puzzle piece missing for us to implement our services on

Download the full reference here

RADAR-ISV is here to Help

Example use cases

Do you need to access an IBM Power environment to modernize your Solution via microservices & containers and integrate it with OCP on IBM Power?

Do you want to test the new .Net 7 on IBM Power Systems capabilities but do not have any Power servers in-house? Do you want to try before acquiring in-house capabilities.

Do you have a joint project with IBM but cannot give them access to your intranet, so you need a remotely accessible environment that can be used simultaneously by IBMers & non IBMers?

What is RADAR-ISV?

RADAR-ISV is the collaboration platform for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in EMEA looking to speed up their journey to IBM Power Systems.

=> A Remotely accessible environment composed of IBM Power Systems (S922 and/or S1022) & IBM Storage FS7200 with the assistance & help from our specialists.  

What can I access, and for how long?

=> Your own environment in a dedicated VLAN with 1 to n LPARs sized & tailored to your needs for a few weeks up to months.

Is it free of charge?

=> Yes, by default, the service is no-charge as long as we can deliver what you need with the resources & skills available.

Is it simple to get started?

=> Yes, it is – It usually takes just a couple of days to agree on the scope, validate that your data & code are compatible with the Term of Use and decide on what to prepare.

Take advantage

Take advantage of RADAR-ISV to start porting new or modernising existing applications in an IBM Power Cloud environment at no charge. Request access to your tailored environment running OpenShift and/or Linux, with or without AIX/IBM i, all preinstalled and configured, ready to start and test your applications.

Contact me now using the links below and I will help you.

Alternatively contact my colleagues below

Alain Roya2roy@fr.ibm.com
Geoffrey Pascalgeoffrey.pascal@fr.ibm.com
RADAR-ISV Contacts

Alain Roy a2roy@fr.ibm.com

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