Author: Paul Chapman

  • Bringing .Net To Life With OpenShift & Power Systems Demonstration

    I demonstrate deploying a .Net 7 application using ASP.NET Core with SignalR library on IBM Power Systems with OpenShift. I created this demonstration as an Italian ISV required ASP.Net with SignalR support to port their application to IBM Power Systems. I created the application on my x86 laptop using Visual Studio. The project is stored […]

  • Easily Modernise Enterprise Applications with OpenShift & Hybrid Cloud

    Back in the 90’s I happily worked with many Vendor Technology Platforms, including IBM RS6000 & Netfinity, Sun Microsystems SPARC, Compaq & HP Proliant, Microsoft, Novell, AIX, UX, Solaris, Xenix, Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and no doubt more besides. The diversity and continual learning presented to me are two significant reasons I built my […]

  • How To Modernise Banking Solutions with OpenShift & Hybrid Cloud

    The demo explores an excellent example of how banks can adopt a Hybrid Cloud using OpenShift and the latest technologies from IBM, Azure and IBM Cloud to innovate and modernise banking and financial solutions—presented by Paul Chapman, Systems Red Hat & Cloud Technical Lead at IBM Systems Europe, alongside CSI Head of Cloud Services Jason […]

  • Red Hat OCS is Now Available on Power – So happy!

    What’s being announced?Today (18 Dec 2020), Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage for Power. Where do I get OpenShift Container Storage images for OpenShift on Power?Red Hat OCS 4.6 for IBM Power is a fully supported Technology Preview and can be downloaded from the Red Hat container catalogue. Click above […]